Omar Dyer's Kaptian Comik Framed Posters, Matte Series 1
Omar Dyer's Kaptian Comik Framed Posters, Matte Series 1
Omar Dyer's Kaptian Comik Framed Posters, Matte Series 1
Omar Dyer's Kaptian Comik Framed Posters, Matte Series 1

Omar Dyer's Kaptian Comik Framed Posters, Matte Series 1

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Omar Dyer created a series of NFT one that is called Captian Comic. This is the original series 1 Captian Comic, in which Omar Dyer used to raise money for Music Cares. This is a poster NFY, so you are paying for the price of the NFT as an investment. The original artwork will be printed on a Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper sheet in picture-perfect quality and secured by a Black Perspex picture frame, as well as a white mat board inner-frame. The final product will have a beautiful matte finish. Choose from three sizes and both horizontal and vertical image orientations.

.: Black Perspex picture frame
.: Matte poster finish
.: White inner matboard
.: Three sizes to choose from
.: Horizontal and vertical options available

  14″ × 11″ (Horizontal)
Picture width, in 14.25
Picture height, in 11.22
Frame Width, in 18.66
Frame Height, in 15.94
Frame Depth, in 0.71


Due to branding and official trademark issues, this is series one of Captian Comic before the name change. The original NFT has Omar Dyer's trademark and service mark from the state of New Jersey's image, along with copyrights on the name and image of Omar Dyer and his avatars. 



Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit deserves the right to request the shipping information of each and every owner and investor. You are investing into Omar Dyer and the brand of Mad Comedian, during the pre-markup phase. All sales are final, there is no automatic refund. The price of the item is subjected to change, once the markup price has been reached. For any complaints, please send all written complaints to Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit PO Box 4463 Jersey City NJ 07307.

Once we have reached the goals of this fundraiser, and for this exclusive time, we are rehashing this item to the public. Please help us get this item to reach the secondary market either on Openseas or another (CIO). Please be advised that a purchase of this product is for fundraising purposes; the funds you donate with your purchase, will go directly to manufacturing this product and the goals of raising the Direct Public Offering of Mad Comedian's Blockchain with Cash APP. The price of this product is for 0.001% stakeholder and uncommon stock holder of the My Plan Challenge Foundation Fund. To fully opt into the plan, one of our representative will speak with you shortly after the purchase. Thank You. 

Here's a list of our sponsors for this item: 

Avant BankCredit One BankBlaze CreditMission LaneAspire CreditLegacy Credit (Frist National Bank)Taz CreditFirst Premier Bank, and our corporate investor or brokerage: Investors Bank

For more details on the ledger please contact Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit at the address above and below, and a written response will be sent to you. Please allow 6-8 weeks for all written responses on any investment matter.