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Mad Comedian's Meme Art

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Meme Art also known as NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) is a block chain of crypto currency. Meme Art is categorized as digital or animated art works. Mad Comedian's official Logo is organized by Coaches 101 A NJ Non-Profit and Omar Dyer. 
Meme Art: 
       What is included in the Meme Art, is an 8' by 11' poster on specially design paper known as Parchment Paper? The Parchment Paper is then notarized by our celebrity notary. Our celebrity notary will sign the document and make the document an official work of art under the Mad Comedian umbrella, that is sponsored by Coaches 101 A NJ Non-Profit. 


Mad Comedian has developed an (APP) for the experience and we are currently updating the information on the website. The Make Mad Comedian Famous, retail shop has changed this digital collectible. This PPF is now a token trading in bitcoin with our Angel Investor known as Omar Dyer. This is part of our DPO on the product.


What is a DPO?

Direct Private Offering is a type of offering that allows the issuing company to sell its securities directly to investors without using a middleman, such as an investment bank. This eliminates most of the costs associated with going public. 


MMCF Token is an unregistered token with an Accredited Angel Investor in Omar Dyer. Because the token is monitored by the state of New Jersey, with a service mark for 100 years--thus being managed as a public/ private product by a Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit--whereas any purchase of this ticket is a donation to the growth of the experience or market cap. The account is under the protection of Omar Dyer's trademark, and is being monitored by DriveWealth LLC: and the state of New Jersey. 




Omar Dyer receives no dividends, cash out, payments or royalties from any transaction on this website and blockchain, that has a partnership as an official affiliate with Cash App. A purchase from this website, will allow institutional buyers to have stakeholder's rights in a real-world asset, under the Intellectual Property Deed of Mad Comedian. This means: MMCF Token has an investor that will monitor and manage the investment on the market cap of this commodity, he/she is pro-bono by law. The investor is an Angel Investor that meets the category held by the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission). The Market Cap is matched by a Stablecoin, an ETF and a Bitcion, which makes up the price of Mad Comedian and MMCF Token. For more information, please visit Mad Comedian's Website