Ask Me About My NFTs: "Ugly Black Man"

Ask Me About My NFTs: "Ugly Black Man"

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Mad Comedian's series of Ask Me About My NFTs is a traditional and new NFT that has an educational and informative vibe to this creator's experience. Omar Dyer created a new way to inform and educate the public about Financial Literacy, and through this block chain with Make Mad Comedian Famous, and The My Plan Challenge Foundation Fund; we are asking you for a pledge in the amount listed below. 

Ugly Black Man is about a black man being viewed as ugly and having anger problems. He is the epitome of what black men are going through living in a country build to imprison them. 

Investing in this experience and the periodically struggles allows our artist to create this series of "Ask Me About My NFTs." 



Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit is responsible for this display of public art as a traditional non-fungible token. For more details on this block chain click the link above. Mad Comedian's Blockchain is part of the company's DPO for nonprofit organizations. Direct Public Offerings, are community-based fundraising that goes into a corporate money market fund, also known as a charitable "Mutual Fund." Our DPO is sponsored by Investors Bank, and this NFT which is a non-fungible token is in the private and pre-market markup for an evaluation. 


Once you make this purchase, you will be entered into a traditional ledger and pledge. This NFT is values as a collectible item that is worth $2,500, and with this item you will get a 12' by 12' portrait on a canvass of this collection of art, plus an investment option. Once you have paid in full the $2,500 you will own an actual copy of this NFT, as it's official representative. You will get a corporate bond, that has the official Mad Comedian Seal, and any duplicates without the seal and the signature of Omar Dyer is a fake and not authorized as a member of this blockchain. When you have become an official owner of this NFT, your ownership will be given an option to participate in the DPO. And to participate in the DPO of this blockchain, you will have to invest $100,00 -- where as the funds will be held by Investors Bank and managed by Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit. 

We can also organize your own personal blockchain, whereas you will manage the operation with a simple investment of $250,000. For more information subscribe to our newsletter and email our sponsors.