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BYDKIATJ Product Stock Option

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At the direction of the My Plan Challenge Foundation Fund, this public option is now open for a community contribution. Listed below is the public appraisal of this product. 


As part of the transitional arrangements for accreditation and to provide proof of purchase, this appraisal was constructed to provide an authentic review of this collection of art.


  • Meme Art: either a token or a phrase that has been built in digital art
  • Avatar: Is a digital drawing of a person, place, or thing
  • Non-Fungible Tokens: NFTs are taking on a new form of existence with unicorn businesses, finding new was to finance projects
  • Bruh “YOU DIDN’T KNOW I AM THE JOKE”: is a brand created and developed by Omar Dyer.


This document provides information and valid proof of purchase, proof of sale, proof of authenticity for the brand being appraised. Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit owns the rights to this product. The item was donated to the corporation, as a collectible item. This collectible item is named Bruh: “YOU DIDN’T KNOW I AM THE JOKE” which is an avatar and a word meme that was created on digital software from Facebook and Instagram.

This collection of art was built from Omar Dyer’s image as an avatar on software that is used on Facebook and Instagram. The small avatar was enlarged and stamped with a generic quote. Omar Dyer then placed an electronic signature on the piece of art to provide ownership to the meme. This meme is organized in an investment portfolio on parchment paper or on a canvas at the request of the investor.


This product is noted as MC02 and is the official collection of art that was organized and then had public displays on both Facebook, and the official website. Meme Art that is organized by Omar Dyer that is part of Mad Comedian’s block chain is also known as NFTs – which are non-fungible tokens that have a state sponsored service mark. The organizer of this service mark which allows the corporation to sell the image of Omar Dyer and Mad Comedian, is Coaches 101 A NJ Non-profit. Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit, hired Omar Dyer to be the companies Angel Investor, as well as the corporation’s legal representative.

Omar Dyer is an artist, a public figure; former political leader, a human rights activist, and a business mogul. Omar Dyer has been a figure in arts & entertainment since 1995 as a child artist and sports figure. And it took a pandemic to jump or revive his dying and dead career in public life. Which is why he opened a direct public offering with a public brand known as Mad Comedian under New Jersey’s service mark #25416.

This appraisal was organized by Peggy Dyer, who is a retired public servant form the city of Hoboken, New Jersey. Peggy Lee Dyer is one of the board of trustees for the corporation, that is signing off on this corporate appraisal. The purpose of this document is to provide proof of value on the item that is accompanied by this document. This document is for the physical NFT that is on a canvas and was raised for creation of the brand.


Consider what services are offered in your facility and the complexity of the care provided within those services.


Artist: Omar Dyer

Creation Date: 12/12/21

Type: NFT on Canvass

Condition: Mint

Grade: Excellent

Owner: Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit

Value: $7,000

Market Value: $3,500

Token: (last 4) 1009


Accompany: Various

NFT #: MC02 series


Appraisal Opinion


The artist is known as Omar Dyer who went to the University of Oregon and spent a lot of time in certificate of competition course at the Literature of Children’s Institute, Phoenix University Online, New York University, Kaplan Institute, and a host of other alternative educational facilities. Omar Dyer has been noted as a child artist in Hoboken, New Jersey with his public recognition from the state of New Jersey and the city of Hoboken, for his work with Arts on the Waterfront Program. Omar Dyer is a credible artist, who has a great following on social media, and his work is valued as grade A for excellence in time and construction. Omar Dyer is not a fine art dealer, and is more of an animated creator of digital art.


The creation date for this NFT is listed on the day that the public auction was listed on Instagram. Omar Dyer on his personal Instagram tag: dyeromar started a fundraising campaign that accumulated an amount of $3,500. The receipt of this fundraiser is held in the corporate ledger and the record keeping for this specific item. This item was financed by hedge-fund investments or borrowed money. Whereas the single investor of this product was Omar Dyer using his personal credit to create the value on this asset.


The condition on this object is in mint condition with no blemishes, no paint brush residue, and it is place on a canvas that was done digitally. The host of this copy is listed in the prospectus that is organized by Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit. Whereas the grading for the condition of this collection of art is noted to be in excellent condition.


This artifact is graded on this condition of being excellent based on a few factors: one is the originality of the piece. The piece has the authenticated seal of Musicares. And by having that official seal imprinted in the piece secures the value of the piece is as listed. It is noted that it cost Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit $7,000 in order to create and finalize this piece, which includes private manufacturing. This piece is also up for resale on the corporate’s public charity website.

This artifact has a market value of $3,500 based on the online public auction numbers on a private platform. This artifact is also included in the certificate of deposit that is listed and financed by Investors Bank, which is also known as Citizen’s Bank. The price of this artifact is noted at $7,000, based on what was raised to produce the product. While the value of the product is based on the accounting and book keeping of Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit. Whereas this artifact has been confirmed to have an opening of $3,500 and valued at $3,500 – as all figures have been authenticated and confirmed.

This artifact, is part of a token series that has been authenticated by Investors Bank that was opened on 7/15/22. In this document listed for inspection has a contract known as a smart contract, that has a compounding interest contract, with a 30-year production plan attached. This is one of the most secured investments on an artifact in recent history, whereas the artifact is backed and sponsored by a commercial bank, that has a legacy clause, and a token protection plan from the corporate entity that listed the artifact.


The accompany on this artifact is Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit, which has been confirmed and verified.


This document is to show the proof of seal for the artifact that is attached to this document. This document does confirm that everything that is mentioned and attached to this document is accurate, verified and confirmed to be a public truth.


This document also confirms that this is the real intellectual property, that has been listed as the property of the accompany holding the certificate of ownership. This letter is the official corporate risk and analysis data, that gives 100% accurate information on the quality of the product. And how the product became the property of such person listed on the certificate of ownership.



Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit deserves the right to request the shipping information of each and every owner and investor. You are investing into Omar Dyer and the brand of Mad Comedian, during the pre-markup phase. All sales are final, there is no automatic refund. The price of the item is subjected to change, once the markup price has been reached. There are currently 0 unit available during this markup phase, and once the markup is complete, owners will pay the full price of $3,500 for the NFT on a canvass. For any complaints, please send all written complaints to Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit PO Box 4463 Jersey City NJ 07307.

We have reached the goals of this fundraiser, which is now closed. Please wait for this item to reach the secondary market either on Openseas or another (CIO). 

Here's a list of our sponsors for this item: 

Avant Bank, Credit One Bank, Blaze Credit, Mission Lane, Aspire Credit, Legacy Credit (Frist National Bank), Taz Credit, First Premier Bank, and our corporate investor or brokerage: Investors Bank

For more details on the ledger please contact Coaches 101 A NJ Nonprofit at the address above and below, and a written response will be sent to you. Please allow 6-8 weeks for all written responses on any investment matter.